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CrossFit Savior

CrossFit Savior

How did CrossFit Savior get started?
CrossFit Savior started as a men’s fellowship group a couple nights a week in my garage. We challenged each other to be better men for our families through Christ and fitness. This vision continues to grow into what it is today.

What makes CrossFit Savior special?
Our community is a ministry within itself. We minister to each other through prayer, giving and relationships. We’ve seen healing, provision and salvation.

What is a fun fact about you or your team?
After growing out of my garage, we rented the basketball gym from our local rec. center. The warm up and cool down consisted of the loading and unloading of barbells, bumpers, kettle bells and the like every WOD!

How has WODHOPPER improved your box?
WODHOPPER provides a user friendly solution to managing our CrossFit box from a financial and performance stand point. After using WODHOPPER for one year, I can project growth, track attendance and base business decisions with this program. Everyone in our community loves to use WODHOPPER to measure performance, RSVP for class and keep paying for their CrossFit membership simple. We love WODHOPPER‘s CrossFit Management System!

How has the benchmark and WOD tracking improved your community?
Our athletes like to see the results on the scoreboard on a daily basis and enjoy the gym PR board after completing benchmarks. This function replaced the need to have about 4 whiteboards on the wall to shout the top performers of our box and put that info into the palm of our hands with automatic updates.

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