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We wanted to give WODIFY an opportunity to apologize for their mistake and sent Ameet, the CEO, the email below. I also left him a voice mail and asked him to call me back. Ameet never replied to my email or voice mail.

I sent this to on 12/23/2014


I need to bring to your attention unethical behavior that has been going on with your company. We have evidence showing that Eric Allen has been harassing gyms. Specifically, he has been intentionally damaging their business by removing members or adding false names to their classes. This has caused several gyms to become highly frustrated.

I am all for competition and will compete head-to-head any day. Intentionally messing with a gym in an attempt to win business is absolutely unacceptable. In fact it is a direct violation of the Lanham Act. He is intentionally damaging the gyms business for your companies gain.

As the CEO, and the ethical leader, of your organization I expect the following to be done and proof that each item below was completed.

  • An apology email from Eric to all the gyms he has harassed. I want proof of the emails to the gyms and I will personally call each gym to confirm.
  • An apology written directly to me from you and him and admitting his unethical behavior.
  • Proof from you that you have documented this in his employee file.

I want all of the above completed by close of business (5:00 Eastern Time) on Monday 12/29/2014. No response implies to me you are ignoring it.

David R. King

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