Powerful Gym Management

“WODHOPPER is alive with features! They are constantly

enhancing the system while keeping it simple to use.”

– Tosha, CrossFit VisOne

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“WODHOPPER has simplified my life as a box owner. I have been able

to track members’ progress, results, and payments with ease because

of the support from the WODHOPPER team. David King is

second on my speed dial next to Greg Glassman—that’s

how important WODHOPPER is to B-FIT CrossFit.”

– Brad, B-FIT CrossFit

Seamless Integration 

We seamlessly integrate with all the major web site providers.

Benchmark &
WOD Tracking

Quick and powerful, WODHOPPER benchmark and WOD tracking allows your members to track their progress in your gym. Chart, take notes, and share with the simple and easy-to-use, device-independent web-app.

Fast & Simple RSVP/Check-In

Increase your athletes’ responsiveness and attention with the WODHOPPER RSVP and check-in system. Fast and easy, your athletes will no longer have any excuse to not use the check-in system.

Mobile & Web Integration

WODHOPPER will integrate seamlessly with your website to provide you and your athletes with the power of WODHOPPER, right from your home page. With social media integration, we direct traffic to your site and your brand, promoting the growth of your gym.

Unmatched Customer Support

“WODHOPPER‘s customer service is the best we have encountered since we opened. What makes

this company stand out is working with people who truly get CrossFit and the pressures of running a box.”

-Mia, CrossFit Shoreside


Take the pain out of enrolling new members and go completely paperless with electronic waivers, agreements, and health assessment documents.

Track From Anywhere

Have instant access to your members
and all of your data. Know who owes
you money, who is nearing the end of a membership, and much more.
With offline capabilities, WODHOPPER
allows you to manage your
business from anywhere.


Enjoy flexible reporting ranging from simple reports, such as birthday reports, to more complex reports like monthly revenue breakdowns, memberships,
and much more.

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We want to help you manage and grow your gym in every aspect. Join our positive and powerful community and gain the knowledge, support, and passion of our team. We’ll work hard to make your gym run better, faster, and more efficiently.

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