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Two amazing CrossFit gyms, CrossFit Carbon and CrossFit 155, have teamed up to host the Icebox Challenge. Both use WODHOPPER as their CrossFit Software Management system. WODHOPPER is providing the event registration and will be used to manage and score the event.

The Icebox Classic will be held on January 17th & 18th. Individual events will be held on the 17th and for beginner to intermediate CrossFitters. It will be a great chance to experience your first event if you haven’t done one yet. The 18th is for seasoned CrossFitters as male/female pairs. Knowing the great coaching and programming at both gyms this is sure to be a fun and challenging event.

Be sure to register here:

WODHOPPER is an all-in-one CrossFit Software system providing a CrossFit Affiliate with membership management, automated billing, WOD tracking, scoreboard, benchmark tracking, and much more.

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