Dedicated, Passionate, CrossFitting Team

We are constantly improving WODHOPPER based on our customers’ feedback.
Our goal is to make WODHOPPER the most useful, simple, and powerful
software member management system there is.

  • Michael Kloster
    Michael KlosterFounder, Software Engineer, CrossFit Affiliate : CrossFit Shoreside, CrossFit Coach
  • Alex King
    Alex KingFounder, Software Engineer, CrossFit Affiliate : CrossFit Carbon, CrossFit Regionals Competitor
  • Craig Smith
    Craig SmithFounder, L1 Cert. CrossFit, Software Engineer, CrossFit Affiliate : Unaffiliated
  • David King
    David KingFounder, Software Manager, CrossFit Affiliate : CrossFit Carbon
  • Rob Eddy
    Rob EddyFounder, Software Engineer, CrossFit Affiliate : CrossFit Carbon

Experienced, Knowledgable & Always Working

We offer more than 60 years of combined experience in payment processing, billing, and electronic finances.  We are exceptionally knowledgeable in credit card and ACH (electronic check) payments. WODHOPPER is your merchant processor. We offer not only highly competitive rates but unmatched support.

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