Random Acts of Kindness, or Why we funded Taylor Compton of Mean Green CrossFit

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We think Greg Glassman is a genius. In his landmark article defining fitness, one method he uses to judge fitness is “the hopper model” – randomly selecting a physical feat, and seeing who can do it best. Over time, whoever does the best, on average, is the fittest. This idea of the unknown and unknowable is one thing that makes CrossFit so much fun; it adds spontaneity, unpredictability and randomness. So, yes, we here at WODHOPPER like spontaneity.

We first learned of Taylor’s funding effort through a satire page. When we actually read through the fund-raising pitch, we thought, “Who has started a CrossFit gym and was immediately racking in dough?” We work with lots of gyms who go through a boot-strapping period. We ourselves have gone through this in starting WODHOPPER. It’s a common bond among entrepreneurs. Furthermore, who isn’t frustrated when potential clients are turned off by misrepresentations of CrossFit, which are very prevalent. In the end, we found ourselves much more sympathetic to Taylor than to the joke. It got us in the mood for a random act of kindness. Why not turn the joke around and make someone’s day in the process? Surely, even the satirist will see the humor in it.

If you have never had the pleasure of doing a random act of kindness, we whole-heartily recommend it. You feel good, they feel good, and the community is stronger.

Make it a thing. Do your K-WOD.

CrossFit K-WOD

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