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WODHOPPER is now serving CrossFit gyms in Australia. We are the only U.S. based company with an office in Australia. We knew that if we were going to take our product to Australia we had to have an office there to provide sales and support on Australian time. We also wanted to partner with a leading thought provider in the Australian CrossFit community.

WODHOPPER is proud to announce that we are in partnership with The Virtuosity Project run by Adam Stanecki. Adam has been involved in the fitness industry for well over a decade. He has taught martial arts and worked as a personal trainer and fitness coach. His involvement in CrossFit started in 2006 when he opened CrossFit Victoria. CrossFit Victoria was the third CrossFit affiliate in Australia and in the first 70 affiliates worldwide!

Adam now runs The Virtuosity Project which is focused on helping CrossFit affiliates build successful, sustainable businesses that help people change their lives for the better. The Virtuosity Project offers lots of Freebies such as articles, videos, and weekly lesson along with business coaching. Contact Adam today at to learn more about his services.

Adam evaluated a variety of CrossFit management systems and prefers WODHOPPER as it is straight forward to use, well supported, and built specifically for CrossFit gyms. WODHOPPER is solely focused on the CrossFit community. With its highly intuitive user interface an owner can enroll a member in seconds and have all documents signed electronically and everything about that member at their fingertips on an iPad. Members also get amazing tools to track benchmarks, daily WODs, and more. These tools help to keep the CrossFit affiliates members highly engaged.

WODHOPPER and The Virtuosity Project are committed to helping the Australian CrossFit affiliates be highly successful in their business.

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