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WODHOPPER has run an open RSVP system since day one. When we first started meeting with gyms one of the biggest complaints was that signing up for a class was too cumbersome. People didn’t want to have to create a username / password just to sign up for a class. Plus, people have so many passwords to manage and remember, people would forget the password and just not sign up. Thus, coaches had no visibility on who was coming to class.

We devised the open RSVP system on the same premise as Wikipedia. 99% of users don’t abuse the system. You would have to have a reason to want to mess with a gym, to want to jack with the RSVP system. So, as long as we have safe guards in place to detect malicious users and blacklist them, we could do away with login for RSVP.

The result has been that we have the simplest RSVP system and the best RSVP rates of any software. There is never an excuse not to sign up for a class. Even the simple barrier of having to login is enough to prevent many people from even bothering. Our users love it. We can count on our hands the number of abusive users we have had to ban.

Wodify is the only abusive user to systematically abuse the system for their own benefit. If Wodify thought they found a security bug in our software, the professional and ethical thing to do is inform us of it, so we could fix it. This is a standard practice in the software field. What you absolutely would never do, is exploit the bug, harming your prospective customers in an attempt to win business. This is both wrong and very likely violates US law.

Note: login is required for any essential functions. We just opened up the ability to reserve a spot in class. The pros of making it easy to sign up for class, outweigh the occasional abusive user.

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